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About Us


How we began...

Hello! My name is  Jamie McClure, I am the owner of Gourmet Table Catering!

How did this wild idea begin you ask? Well ever since I was a child we did this type of dinner with my family where we cooked in front of ourselves and it was so fun!

Fast forward years later, I get engaged and start looking for catering for my wedding. Everything was expensive which is the normal for weddings, but if I was going to pay this much money I want it to be special! 

What is more special than creating an experience for your guests and allowing them to cook food just how they like it? GTC was born and my very first event was my own wedding day.

If I could get it to run smoothly on my big day with 150 people imagine yours!

The marriage may not have lasted but GTC lives on and has created so many wonderful memories for myself and others!

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